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Want to Learn How to Identify and Count Mold Spores in Air Samples?

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Who Am I and Why Did I Develop This Course?
I am Dr. Jackson Kung’u, a Microbiologist who has specialized in the field of mycology (the study of moulds and yeasts). I graduated from the University of Kent at Canterbury, UK, with a Masters degree in Fungal Technology and a PhD in Microbiology specializing in Mycology. I would like to share my experience of over 34 years dealing with molds in indoor and agricultural environments.

That's why I created this course. To share knowledge!
Learn From the Expert
I have analyzed thousands of airborne fungal spore samples. I also regularly teach a course on how to recognize mould, perform effective sampling and interpret laboratory results. I provide how-to advice on mould and bacteria issues. Get more information about indoor mould and bacteria at www.moldbacteria.com
Dr Jackson Kung'u, PhD.
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