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Mold Inspection, Identification and Control
This is a popular online course for anybody interested in learning how to conduct a mold inspection

Develop a detailed understanding of the methods used to inspect for mold growth in buildings, the different types of samples that may be collected during mold inspection as well as how to interpret laboratory results.

Why this Course? Increased mold problems in indoor environments has created demand for mold inspection services. While the industry is not yet regulated in most jurisdictions, knowledge of mold is essential to be successful in conducting or running a mold inspection business. By taking this course, you’ll develop an understanding of the methods used to inspect for mold growth in buildings, the different types of samples that may be collected during mold inspection and how to interpret laboratory results. And being online, it offers flexibility, convenience and cost effectiveness.

Course Topics

1. Understanding Mold: What is Mold?
2. Mold Growth- How Does Mold Grow?
3. Effect Of Mold Growth in Built Environment
4. Common Airborne Fungal Spores
5. Investigating And Recognizing Mold Growth
6. Effective Mold Sampling Strategies
7. How To Interpret Laboratory Reports
8. Mold Control and Remediation Guidelines.

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Mold Identification Course
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